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Monday, August 8, 2011

Children and Mineral water

Can water damage children's teeth?
It seems impossible, but it could !
While our kids are growing up, we try to give them the best of all, and in many cases we overact.
For example, many of us give them a mineral water instead of ordinary one.Maybe you will ask 'what is wrong with that? ' , but the truth is that we should carefully choose what kind of mineral water our kids drink.
It is so important, because of the water components.
Some kinds of mineral water contains a high quantity of ions, such as  Natrium (part of substance,called natrium chloridum or salt) and Fluoride.
Natrium is electrolyte, that in  high amount  overload the organism, especially children's one and may increase the risk of developing a health problem.
Fluoride is another ion, which deserves attention.Children bellow 3 years should not take mineral or any kind of water, that contains over 1,2 mg/l fluoride, because of their teeth.Children's teeth under 3 years are not fully formed, so that overdose of fluoride does not allow that process to be completed and may cause a disease, called fluorosis (white or brown stains on the teeth,which can't be removed).
Remember, that is valid only  for children under 3 years old, so if your kids are bigger, they can drink every kind of mineral water they want.

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