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Monday, August 8, 2011

Which toothpaste is the best for me ?

There are so many products for dental care on the market, so how to choose the right one for our needs and identity ? Each company claims, that its trade mark is the best solution for every person, but let's take a closer look on the ingredients of these products.
For example, let's take the toothpaste. It doesn't matter what kind of company produce it or the label, the important thing is what you are looking for and expect from that product.

If you have bleeding or sensitive gums or some kind of gum's inflammation, I suggest you to use a toothpaste, which contains a substance, called chlorhexidine digluconate, which strengthen gums and destroy bacteria, that cause periodontitis and also protects from depositing tartar.

If you want to make you teeth whiter, you should use toothpaste with more abrasive substances,because of the  mechanical cleaning effect, which allows removal of the persistent stains from coffee, tea, wine, some kinds of food etc.

For those, who wants strong teeth, I recommend a toothpaste with high quantity of fluoride over 1000 ppm, which protects teeth from decay and its complications.

For our kids use a special children toothpaste, which contains low amount of abrasive substances and fluoride bellow 500 ppm, no preservatives or ingredients that can damage their sensitive teeth.


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