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When I should begin to brush my children's teeth?

Most of  mothers are wondering when is the right time for start brushing childrens' teeth. There are  many kind of myths about that topic, but the truth is that dentists recommend to begin that activity as the first tooth erupts in the mouth. You should carefully choose an appropriate toothpaste and toothbrush for children, depending on their age and gently have to brush babies' teeth ones or twice a day. Be careful and notice, that toothpaste should not be swallowed from kids.

How to brush babies' teeth?

- For kids of 0-3 years:
Take the toothbrush and put a piece of the toothpaste over 3mm long, or as the size of grain peas.Then start to brush the teeth in horizontal direction.

- For kids of 3-6 years:
Children in that age group can brush their teeth by their one.It's the same way of acting, but except horizontal movements, vertical ones are included also.

-For kids 6-12 years:
They have to brush their teeth like adults-in  horizontal, vertical and especially circular directions.